CourseGoal Achievement Mastery for Entrepreneurs

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Goal Achievement Mastery Course for Entrepreneurs

If you think it’s time to jump start your business, get on track with your business or take your business to the next level, this course is for you.  If you need to breath new life into your business, master the art of achieving your business goals.  Stop stressing over being at the mercy of difficult clients and unreliable jobs, as well as not having enough clients, this course will set you free.  Step out of survival mode and start thriving.  Recognize and defeat habits that sabotage your business. Put together a proactive plan, complete a money challenge system designed to increase business income and discover the art of no pressure relational sales.  This 12 week course designed by Goal Achievement Strategist, Pat Council will shift confidence into high gear, while boosting business to profit level.  Get Power Actions at the end of each lesson.

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