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This Power Achievers Online Coaching Course is designed to help achieve all your goals.  Stay on course with the choices you've made by learning to connect with goals you set.  If you are tired of not being able to meet your goals, including your financial ones, this course is for you.  Stop getting hit or miss results.  Move forward by getting the answers you need to get results.  If you know you deserve more and just need help and guidance getting it, you will enjoy this course.  Discover ways to stop repeating the same non-productive life and business patterns.  If you feel like success is right around the corner, but you can't seem to turn the corner, our online coaching provides you with the information and support needed to turn towards your results and reach it.

Discover the secrets to achieving your goals like the top 8%.  Never settle again.  Put everything on the right track.


    • Weekly Modules
    • Power Achiever’s Interactive Videos
    • Audio Lessons
    • Proactive Goal Setting Template
    •  Confidence Building Modules
    • Downloadable Study Guides
    • Monthly Focus Sheets
    • Weekly Accountability
    • Live Monthly Conference Calls
    • Breakthrough Mindset Modules
    • The Money Challenge to Expand Your Wealth Mindset
    • Private Direct Email to get answers to your challenges
    • Free Access for 2 to Pat’s Annual Pre-year Goal Setting Webinar (Will be recorderd for on Demand Access) (197.00 value)
    • Connection to a community of other achievers.....    And so much more



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