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Power Forward Courses for Success, Pat Council, Designing Your Life Today
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Power Forward Courses for Success, Pat Council, Designing Your Life Today

Stop wishing, procrastination or fearing your own desired success.  This 6-week course is easy to follow.  Find out the why, what and how to set a course for achieving the goals you set and for building a quality lifestyle.  This course is specifically designed to help you achieve major successes in life by boosting your income, learning to deal with fear and by learning overall goal achievement consistency.

  • Watch weekly videos demonstrating ways to monetize you talents, streamline goal achievement, stay focus, crush fear, strengthen discipline and practical application of daily success activities.
  • Discover why SMART Goals are not enough to help you get results and what you can do about it.
  • Discover the best methods to use for setting goals that spark achievement.
  • Discover simple techniques for overcoming procrastination and fear or success.
  • Pay only $97.00 with a money back guarantee.

Bonuses are included:

  • Weekly videos demonstrating ways to monetize your talents, streamline goal achievement, various goal setting methods, methods for staying focus, methods for crushing fear, ways to strengthen your discipline, practical application of daily success activities, daily routines that get results and so much more.
  • Special weekly alerts when new courses and videos become available
  • Free course outlines and tracking sheets
  • A Downloadable copy of Pat Council’s book “High Impact Power Goal Setting” ($11.99 Value)
  •  An invitation to become a part of the “Power Achievers' Group” Facebook group


Some people feel stuck in life or like they are walking on the treadmill of life and going no where.  They watch while others keep achieving and wonder what they are doing wrong.  The truth is there may be one thing or only a few things preventing you from becoming a consistent goal achiever.  Our Goal Achievement Mastery Course can give you the insight, information and inspiration you are looking for.  Our courses will provide you with the tools to help you uncover what is stopping you from achieving, big.

Course begins March 26, 2018.  Register now.  Open until registrations for this period is full.

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