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“You are truly amazing! I was absolutely floored by the information you provided to my group.  This is very little compared to all that I to say.  Saying “THANK YOU” will never be enough.” – Kay Poole

“Thank you for inspiring me to be better, dream bigger and have a spirit of excellence in whatever I choose to do. Pat not only helped my mind which was negative and damaged but truly inspired me and became my mentor. At the time I had issues knowing my self-worth and value but she always encouraged me.  Thank you very much Pat Council you have truly inspired and changed my life!!! Since meeting you my mind setting has never been the same.” – Shakeya Lovett-Honor

“Pat is one of the most effective trainers I know.  She knows how to hold your interest and help you open your mind to new ideas.”  George Barnes, Owner of George Barnes, Realty

“These courses are filled with wisdom and they are inspiring.  Pat and her team will work to get you answers, so you get the best out of these courses.  I got the courses and I felt like I had help every step of the way.  The best part is the courses, work!”  Marcia Roberts